Risk•ing v. /rɪskɪŋ/ responsible for delivering a rewarding return on resource allocated to an opportunity or event

De-risk•ing v. /dɪʹrɪskɪŋ/ the fine art of reducing the possibility of unwanted consequences from a situation

risk consulting

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risk capital

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risk operations

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About Risk

The Risk portfolio of companies comprises independent businesses which benefit from Risk’s experience in managing and advising successful companies for over 75 years.

Founded in the financial services, insurance and a range of commercial of industrial sectors, Risk has complemented these historic strengths by diversification into the burgeoning fintech and insuretech arenas. Risk employs over 400 specialists worldwide from its network of 20+ offices in Europe, the Americas, Africa and Asia. The Risk portfolio of companies is licensed and regulated to operate in over 50 countries worldwide and includes ‘A’ rated financial institutions and Lloyd’s licensed firms.

Risk specialises in commercial activities, partnerships and investment opportunities in which its experts can provide the rare combination of insight and value. It is this clarity of purpose which sets Risk apart in its chosen fields of Consulting, Capital and Operations.

Consulting: independent and impartial advisory services and solutions to help clients evaluate, prioritise and control risk.

Capital: active investor in diverse fields ranging from seed funding in the burgeoning fintech arena to long-standing interests in the insurance and reinsurance sector.

Operations: expert outsourced and managed services in technology, business development, compliance and many more beyond, to help clients achieve their strategic objectives.

Risk seeks to capitalise on opportunities wherever they may arise across the globe and help its clients identify, manage and profit from risk: Risking & De-risking.