Risk’s fintech investments are disrupting the status quo in markets traditionally characterised by untailored and inflexible financial products, slow approval processes and complexity. Risk is stepping in with a vision to simplify savings, loans, investments and increase customers’ purchasing power through advanced financial technology. Risk’s long-standing involvement in financial services and its entrepreneurial culture mean it is ideally positioned to do so.

Risk has established joint ventures with leading telecoms providers, media conglomerates, e-commerce companies, banking groups, retailers and other affinity partners. Together, they are revolutionising the way consumers and businesses can access financial products, notably in the world’s growth economies, from their mobile and online devices.

Risk’s well-established reputation for innovation and creativity – both integral to success in the fintech arena – is a key driver for joint venture partners seeking to work with Risk. Companies increasingly view Risk as the de facto joint venture partner for e-commerce.

Risk’s portfolio of companies is spearheading the development of technology for credit scoring, artificial intelligence and instant lending. The range of financial products available includes:

  • Credit Cards
  • Insurance
  • Investments
  • Life Assurance
  • Medical & Dentistry Loans
  • Micro-insurance
  • Salary Advance Loans
  • Savings
  • Travel Loans
  • Wedding Loans

Through its fintech investments, Risk is building the next-generation platform to provide customers with instant point-of-sale financing for online purchases by providing loans either through mobile apps or plug-and-play technology. With over 1000 points of sale in individual countries, Risk’s technology enables customers to instantly benefit from credit facilities which simultaneously leads to increased sales for the retailer or affinity partner.

At the same time, Risk is spearheading fintech in the B2B2C arena by working with companies to enable them to offer loans to their staff. By employing advanced data analysis techniques, Risk’s companies can underwrite staff effortlessly whilst the staff benefit from pre-approved loans without paperwork or applications.

Whilst customer benefits are at the heart of Risk’s fintech ambitions, rigorous risk assessment and governance ensure that that these ambitions can be fulfilled successfully. Risk’s companies have been the first in many markets to automate the end-to-end process for consumer lending without compromising on customer service and quality of credit:


Profiting from its decades of experience in the insurance sector, Risk is at the forefront of investment in insuretech. Risk is especially active in the world’s growth markets where regulatory improvements, enforcement of mandatory lines and economic growth are driving customer requirements.

Risk has led the development of micro-insurance products which are understandable, affordable and easy to access. Designed specifically for low and middle-income consumers in emerging markets, micro-insurance products are usually characterized by small premiums alongside simple features and benefits. Risk’s technology means that one text message is now all it takes for a customer to sign up to affordable, new micro-insurance products providing a crucial safety net for families.

Risk’s portfolio of companies is also transforming the way customers can access and buy insurance products through the creation of online insurance comparison platforms. These offer the widest selection of insurance companies’ products and prices for customers to choose from in a number of the world’s growth markets.

For personal customers, the products available to them from the leading insurance companies are wide ranging. Available in many regions for the first time in an easily accessible online environment, these products include:

  • Motor
  • Home
  • Accident & Health
  • Disability
  • Travel
  • Income Protection
  • Valuable Articles
  • Pets

Risk has supported the creation of proprietary technology which, for the first time in many cases, offers customers:

  • Real time comparison to the widest choice of insurance carriers
  • Paperless quotation and immediate issuance
  • Online payment services
  • After sales services including renewals, notifications, amendments etc.

Building on its long history in the commercial insurance sector, Risk’s insuretech investments are providing online platforms which can integrate seamlessly with banks, brokers and other third parties. These platforms allow the leverage of affinity partners’ distribution channels and data.