Managed Services


Created accounting policies and procedures for a global financial markets company covering monthly reporting, budgeting, statutory accounting, tax, treasury, cash flow forecasting and credit control. The policies and procedures ensure that the business meets all the external financial accounting reporting requirements. This is inclusive of production of year-end accounts for auditing purposes and development of guidelines for corrective actions if required by external auditors.


Enhancement and protection of organizational value by performing audits that provide stakeholders with risk-based and objective assurance, advice and insight. Providing an objective appraisal of systems, improvement of the effectiveness of risk management and assisting the management in establishing and maintaining policies and procedures that adequately protect the corporate value. Recommendations aim to reduce inefficiencies, maximize profits and bring exposures within management’s risk tolerance.

Business Development

Design and development of a suite of products and distribution channels for an online and mobile gaming business in East Africa. This new business venture revolutionised gaming in the region by providing the widest mobile and online accessibility coupled with the fastest and easiest to use technology platform.

Developed the distribution of insurance products to be sold on an affinity scheme basis through one of the largest banks in France. This led to the subsequent creation of two insurance subsidiaries. Development of travel insurance products and operations for an international insurance company. Design and development of comprehensive motor insurance products to be sold in conjunction with a car loans program for a leading global bank.

Compliance & Governance

Established a full suite of compliance programs, and produced governance policies and procedures for a global financial services company. Identified the requirements for adherence to all applicable laws and regulations in the territories in which business is being conducted and ensured incorporating them into the day-to-day business. Implemented effective anti-money laundering controls to warrant entering into business relationships only with reputable and legal counterparties operating within international regulatory bounds while avoiding prevailing sanctions and promoting trust, integrity, and business ethics.

Corporate Strategy & Planning

Building strategy and business plans inclusive of market research and benchmarking for a global conglomerate undergoing a period of rapid growth and expansion. Provision of project management resources, tools and personal support in guiding strategic projects to successful outcomes within scope, budget and time. This incorporated essential change management principles to effect positive adoption.

Structuring and development of optimal operating methodologies to enhance productivity and drive good business practices for a leading financial services company going through a period of transition. Creation of policies and procedures to standardise operating models. Introduction of new and improved business processes resulting in enhanced ways of working.


Devised the finance function and processes for an international insurance business. This comprised financial reporting, financial statements, capital allocation, budgeting, forecasting, production of financial management information, supporting delivery of annual audit and statutory accounts and pricing of new sales opportunities. The introduction of the annual financial planning processes ensures compliance with external requirements and supports the executive team in setting, monitoring and forecasting financial targets.

Human Resources

Established a human resources function and created the organisational design for a multinational financial markets group operating across multiple sites with a distributed workforce. Devised and implemented human resources policies, programs and initiatives aligned with the company’s strategies and goals. This included recruitment, retention and succession management; training and development programs; appraisal, compensation and benefits programs; employee engagement and talent management. Introduced defined HR metrics aligned to business strategy.


Devised and implemented the rebranding of five companies operating in the financial advisory arena in three continents under a single, global brand. The purpose was to build synergy among the companies, thereby creating a single platform for servicing clients worldwide. The rebranding allowed the companies to market their key selling points and effectively provide for clients’ wider interests and meet their strategic objectives. Created the full suite of marketing collateral, both online and offline, and visual identity to build a consistent brand across all the companies.


Managed solutions for the outsourcing of information technology services inclusive of management reporting, data warehousing and technology architecture for companies across a wide range of industry sectors. Provision of robust and enhanced security measures to counter cyber attacks and protect companies’ data and information. Devising new platforms and upgrades in existing technology to enhance business practices.

Creation of proprietary technology which offers consumers in the world’s growth markets, for the first time in many cases, access to online insurance products and services. This comprises real time comparison to the widest choice of insurance carriers, paperless quotation and immediate issuance, online payment services and after sales services including renewals, notifications and amendments. Development of the first online lending platform and smartphone application in one of the world’s growth regions with automated end-to-end process for consumer lending.